Jim the Pilot
Jim is a DeHavilland Beaver Pilot in Seattle, Washington. He flies for NW Seaplanes.com starting in mid May and ending the season around the end of September. NW Seaplanes also has their own fishing lodge in British Columbia called Hakai Lodge. Jim also flies for private individuals who own their own DeHavilland Beaver’s. Currently he has logged somewhere in the vicinity of 12,000 hours in seaplanes. The Pacific Northwest offers some of the finest scenery and challenging weather to fly in next to Alaska. Every summer starting in mid May he and his companion pilots fly fishermen and women to remote fishing lodges all over British Columbia’s North Coast including many destinations on Vancouver Island and the American San Juan Islands. Floatplanes are a way of life out here. Whether you own a Yacht, want to just spend time on Vancouver Island, need a flight to a fishing lodge, do a scenic flight over Seattle, the Cascades, the Olympics or San Juan Islands, even spectacular whale watching flights, we pretty much do it all in some of the finest commercial DeHavilland Beavers and Otters in the business. We provide David Clark headsets for all of our passengers and give guided tours along the way so you’ll always be informed of what you’re looking out the windows at. Come join us for a full adventure of fun and beauty in the Pacific Northwest! #jimthepilot – Contact Jim the Pilot at 800-690-0086