Ash Scattering Flights during Covid-19

Aerial Ash Scattering Flights with Jim the Pilot

Dear Friends and Families,
In your time of sorrow and grief, we feel for you. Please accept our condolences. Losing someone dear to you is one of the hardest experiences a human being can go through in life. The grieving process can be very sad, lonely, and emotional. We are here to serve you with your decision to spread the Cremains of the one you loved in the winds and currents of our beautiful world. We feel that this mission is a very important one as the last and final chapter of a human life unfolds. In this ever-changing and evolving world, we offer the final freedom of flight. We’re located in Seattle, Washington, which affords us access to some of the most beautiful scenery and country in the world. We have beautiful ocean waters and their shores, gorgeous mountain peaks and ranges, pristine lakes, forests and lush valleys. From Seattle, we are able to reach all of these wonderful areas and places.
Ash Scattering Flights with Jim the Pilot.
Jim is the son of a Congregational Minister the Rev. Webb Howard. Jim’s father passed in 1995 but had quietly wished that one of his sons would follow in his footsteps and become a minister. It’s a bit of a stretch to say that Jim has become a minister, but to some he has. Jim has performed hundreds of Scatterings of Loved Ones Cremains by Air for many years now. Jim used his own plane to perform the Scatterings by Air solo. Eventually Jim sold his little plane and encouraged NW Seaplanes to take on this very special task and have him or one of their very compassionate and qualified pilots perform the scattering. Jim is still available to scatter cremains over that special spot solo. If you’d like to talk about the ash scattering of your loved ones cremains please feel free to call NW Seaplanes @ 800-690-0086 and talk to them. Jim’s business used to be called Aerial Missions. Now he operates as #JimthePilot #AshScatteringFlights #AerialAshScatteringFlights #AshScattering #AerialAshScattering #AerialScattering
Jim Howard
Aerial Ash Scattering